Check the SFS registry

This is a tutorial on how to check the SFS registry to see if you correctly registered your smart contract

When registering a smart contract in the SFS (Sequencer Fee Sharing) contract an NFT gets minted to the _receiver address that enables that wallet to claim the corresponding fees.

In this tutorial, we will cover two potential checks:

  1. Check if your wallet has the NFT minted during the registry

  2. Check if the contract is registered in the SFS contract-=

If it’s your first time registering a contract and you don't see the NFT, you may need to add the new token to your wallet. For this, you will need the SFS contract address and the number of the token minted when registering the contract.

Adding the SFS NFT to your wallet

Go to blockscout and look for the transaction that registered your smart contract.

This is an example one on testnet:

In the register transaction you will find the token ID (see screenshot above). You can also find this value as the output of the register function of the SFS.

With the SFS contract address and the token ID, you can add the NFT to our wallet to see it.

If you can see the NFT in your wallet, most probably the register was done successfully! You can already use this wallet to claim rewards, if any are available.

Checking the SFS registry

The SFS smart contract keeps track of all the registered smart contracts. You can always go and check if any smart contract is registered or not.

To do this go to the SFS contract in blockscout. You should go to the β€œContract” tab and inside go to the β€œRead contract” tab.

Look for the isRegistered function. Paste the contract address of your smart contract in the field, in my case, it’s 0xcc9c90501678de6E0c6340E702e0482E95516eac. Click on Query and see the response you get below. If it says β€œtrue” it means that smart contract is registered!

That's all you need to know on how to check if a smart contract is registered in the SFS.

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