🚰Testnet Faucets

Get Sepolia ETH or Mode testnet ETH

Mode Testnet ETH

The Superchain Faucet provides testnet ETH for all OP Chains, including Mode.

Attest to get Mode ETH tokens directly on Mode Sepolia faucet without bridging.

You can request some Sepolia ETH on Ethereum Sepolia testnet and then bridge the funds to Mode testnet.

Fund your wallet with testnet gas and Aori's testnet tokens $YIN & $YANG on your choice of testnets. Authenticate with your wallet for a drip every 8 hours.

You can request 0.5 ETH from this faucet every 24 hours.

Email sign-up is required to use this faucet. You do not need Mainnet ETH.

You can request Sepolia ETH quickly by connecting your wallet.

You must hold 0.01 ETH on Mainnet to use this faucet and can get 2x the ETH if you share a tweet.

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