🔓Mode L2 Security Model

Mode Security Model

Mode is an OP Stack L2 and a key part of Optimism Superchain. Mode runs the OP Stack mainnet configuration in partnership with Optimism.

In return for ongoing technical and product support from Optimism, Mode contributes sequencer fees, and reseach and innovation to the OP Collective.

Mainnet Multisig

The security of Mode L2 is currently dependent on a multisig managed jointly by the Mode Security Council, the Optimism Security Council(opens in a new tab) and the Optimism Foundation.

This multisig can be used to upgrade core Mode L2 smart contracts without upgrade delays to allow for quick responses to potential security concerns. All upgrades to the system must be approved by both component multisigs and either can veto an upgrade.

Bugs and Unknowns

The OP Stack has been audited on many occasions(opens in a new tab), but audits are not a stamp of approval and a completed audit does not mean that the audited codebase is free of bugs.

It's important to understand that using Mode inherently exposes you to the risk of bugs within the codebase, and that you use Mode Mainnet at your own risk. For more information on the OP Stack please visit

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