🌉Bridging to Mode Testnet

How to bridge assets to Mode Testnet

Mode is currently available on the Sepolia Mode Testnet. To use Mode you need Sepolia Testnet ETH. You can get this by visiting a Sepolia Testnet Faucet to get sent the Testnet ETH which can then be bridged to Mode Testnet via the Mode Bridge. Deposit via the Mode Bridge

We recommend using the Mode Bridge to deposit instantly to the Mode Testnet. You can do this by following the guide below:

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet to the Mode Bridge.

  2. Open the network selection dropdown menu by clicking the dropdown button at the top of the extension and click on Sepolia Testnet.

  3. Send Sepolia Testnet ETH to Mode Testnet using the Mode Bridge.

  4. Open the network selection in Metamask and go to Mode Testnet to view the ETH in your Mode account.

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